Car-Net Import & Export Corp. was established in March 2011 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. which has all needed licenses to import and sell Alcoholic beverage in the province of Alberta.

This idea rises as the result of the knowledge of needs and opportunities in this country. Additionally, the Canadian market has a big potential for spirits and beverages, especially, in the province of Alberta where all liquor stores are privately-own as opposed to the rest of the provinces where all liquor stores are controlled and owned by the government.

Below is a brief description of the role of all those involved in the sale and distribution of Alcoholic beverages in the Province of Alberta.
• At Car-Net Import & Export Corp. our job is first to present the brand and products to customers (liquor stores, restaurants, etc.), then we participate in the most important tradeshows in the Province to be closer to the final consumer and finally we work with our aforementioned customers to conduct tasting and dinners at their facilities in order to introduce the product to end consumers by using different marketing strategies.

Car-Net Import & Export Corp strategy is based on providing excellent customer service before, during and after acquiring our products:
o Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) is in charge of regulate the sale of alcohol beverage in the province of Alberta.
o Connect Logistics (Company that works in representation of AGLC) is in charge of the storage, distribute and charge the sold cases to any registered Liquor Licensees.
o Liquor Licenses are in charge to sell directly to the final consumer.

Car-Net Import & Export Corp. represents two vendors:
• Casa Tradición offering “Tequila Clase Azul” and “La Pinta”
• Tequilera la Gonzalena offering "Tequila Chinaco".
• Monte Xanic wines.
• Mezcal Bruxo
• Minerva Beer
• Mezcal Mitre

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