Tequila Clase Azul Ultra

Clase Azul Ultra  is an ultra-premium, extra añejo tequila made from organic Tequilana Weber Blue Agaves.

Clase Azul Ultra is produced in limited quantities and aged for 5 years in Sherry Casks from Spain which gives Clase Azul Ultra its unique refined character.

A work of art, each special handmade decanter features a 24k gold label, hand-painted with pure liquid platinum by Mexico’s most talented artisans and adorned with the signature Clase Azul agave medallion in .925 Ley sterling silver. Each bottle is truly one of a kind!

COLOUR: Dark amber.

BODY: Silky, rich and full.

AROMA: Wood, fruit, intense cherry notes

with hints of caramel and vanilla.

PALATE: Smooth, flavourful, elegant with

hints of sweet and oak.